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Shelby A. Joe is an education technology entrepreneur residing in Houston, Texas. When not managing his companies, Shelby enjoys traveling and hunting for bargains. The views presented on this site are his own and do not reflect those of Piqosity or General Academic and/or their employees.

Radeon 5700XT in PowerColor eGPU with MacBook Pro Review

Yes, the Radeon 5700xt is plug-and-play with MacOS Catalina and delivers performance on par with an Nvidia 1080ti or 2070. That's probably all you care about if you're reading this post. Having received some bad information from a well-meaning salesperson at the Houston MicroCenter, I thought I'd put my experience [...]

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Waldorf Astoria Berlin Hotel Review

The Waldorf Berlin felt over the top luxurious like a western 5-star hotel in Asia and had the design of New York City circa roaring 20s. With gorgeous, spacious rooms, excellent spa, and a great location, I can't imagine anyone being unhappy here. The location is great for walking West [...]

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3HK eSIM in Japan with iPhone Review

I highly recommend the 3HK eSim as a low-cost, fully functioning data option for overseas roaming. The 3HK eSim worked great in Japan with my Verizon iPhone Xs. For $17 USD (HK $138), you get 10-days of unlimited data in Japan plus all of these other places: China/ Macau/ Taiwan/ [...]

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Ameron Neuschwanstein Hotel Review

The Ameron Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort and Spa is an excellent base for a one-night visit to Schloss Neuschwanstein or Schloss Hohenschwangau as well as multi-night stays to enjoy the Allgäu region more fully. It will become even better in the coming months as some of the new hotel kinks are [...]

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Conrad Washington DC Hotel Review

We enjoyed our 4-night stay at the new Conrad DC. However it is neither the best business hotel for Hilton elites nor finest luxury urban oasis for brand-agnostic tourists. The hotel's location adjacent to the ritzy CityCenter development is within 2 blocks of both the Metro Center and Gallery Place [...]

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